Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cameron Grant Jensen

This is Cameron, my oldest son. He turned 3 on June 14th.

His personality keeps me on my toes. He falls into the category of a "high maintenance" child. He loves to have my undivided attention. He is almost always at my heels, asking questions, telling me to build him a train track, asking for chocolate milk, and telling me stories about the movies he has watched.

His favorite movies include: "The Lion King", "Finding Nemo", and Disney's Pixar "Cars". He is very interested in dinosaurs. He loves playing with his Thomas and Friends battery operated Gordon. We have collected almost all of the Disney Pixar "Cars" die cast vehicles of the "Cars" characters. His favorites are Dinoco King, Dinoco "Chick", and Cruisin' McQueen.

His major strengths include a compassionate and loving nature, and advanced language and social skills. He has always cared about others and how they are feeling. At the age when most children are screaming "me, ME, MINE", he was willingly sharing with others so that they would be happy. I love that most. He speaks very clearly, has a large vocabulary, knows his ABC's, numbers, shapes, and colors, and is able to answer the phone and carry on a coherent conversation (and give the phone over to me at the appropriate time). He is starting joyschool on Aug 28th, 2007. This will be of great benefit to him. He needs that social interaction and learning. I need the time away from him to get a break.

Cameron has so much potential and great promise for the future. I pray daily that I might be a mother who can teach him faith, hope, and charity. I desire above all that he grow up to love the Lord and serve Him in all things. If I am successful in that I will have done well.

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