Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thoughts for 2008...

Well, I have given my New Year goals some thought. I have a lot I want to work on and accomplish this year. With no babies on the horizon this is the opportunity I have been waiting for. I decided to lump things into categories for a quick reference.

*Spiritual Goals for 2008
1)Finish my Scripture Marking System-this is an impressive and extensive (and time-consuming) way to tab your scriptures by topic. This is really worth the time. It makes studying by topic swift and effective. Teaching my children from the scriptures will be awesome using this method. I am really pysched to complete it.

2)Attend the temple once per month-I got way off track after we came to Texas. I have not been to the temple for a session for 6 months, with the exception of baptisms with the youth 2 times. A session! Here I come!

*Physical Goals for 2008
1) Get in physical shape-my goal is to lose my extra pounds, tone my muscles, and have some good muscle strength.
2) Get myself and my family to the dentist twice a year-my mom was religious about taking us to the dentist every six months my entire youth and adolescence. I hated it. But I find myself wanting the same thing for my kids.
3) Supplement with vitamins and minerals daily.

*Financial Goals for 2008
1) Operate on a budget-this goal is under-developed but it has potential. :)
2) Spend less, save more-this goal is also under-developed. I have a division within me. On one hand I want to save, be frugal, and use wisdom and prudence in my spending. On the other hand, I'm only young once. This is the prime of my life. I want to live well. I want to have things that make my life easier and I like nice things, matching things, etc. More thought on this one....

*Education Goals for 2008
1)Teach myself to sing the alto part-this includes being able to pick out and recognize the notes coming from the piano. I have learned one song already, The First Noel. I accomplished this by using the LDS.org music player and singing it with the alto notes isolated about 100 times. (No exaggeration.) Only several hundred more hymns to go. I know the Lord has a musical talent for me that He misplaced and I am going to find it.
2) Read, read, read.
3) Become an expert on viruses, which holds great interest for me.

*Talents to develop in 2008
1) Find a piano I can afford, buy it, and begin practicing.
2) Plant a vegetable garden that will make my taste buds sing.

I love the way a New Year feels. It brings with it a fresh start and hope. Every day holds those things. I can say that I haven't spent any money or made any major mistakes this whole year! (We are about 12 hours in :) Life is good....

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