Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pets = More Poop (for Mom to clean up)

Miss Anti-Pet has been worn down by her family.

I never grew up with pets. My husband had pets surrounding him his whole life. As comical as this seems, our worst fights with each other have been about pets and whether or not we are going to eventually have them. Living in apartments for the first 4 years of our marriage made it a no-brainer--we didn't have pets. Now that we own a home the pressure is on.

We acquired a is a parakeet that our 10 year old neighbor gave us. We were puzzled (and still are) about why he would want to give us his pet bird that he has had for 2 1/2 years. I think he is just tired of her or something. I agreed to take the bird for the sake of my family, but not without my fair share of reluctance. Sheldon convinced me that if we didn't like her we could just as easily give her away to someone else.

I am doing all of the bird maintenance as I suspected. I know if we get pets that I will be taking care of them. (In the top 5 major grievences against having pets.) Case in point: Sheldon wanted a fish tank. I relented on condition that he would be cleaning the tank and feeding them. Well, he does feed them. I clean the tank. (With Tiny Might (Tyler) in the house, I'm cleaning it often due to his bizarre ability to find the fish food, no matter where we hide it, and dump it into the tank by the truck loads.)

They've worn me down....a bird and fish I can handle--heaven help me if we get a dog! I KNOW I will end up on POOP PATROL!


Alison said...

Ha! I totally know what you mean. I am anti-pet too, but knowing we are going to have two boys, I just know I am going to get talked into a puppy sometime in the next 10 years. Gosh. Pets. Ugh! And why is it that moms REALLY do have to do EVERYTHING (including taking out the dead hamster)??!!?

Ford Family said...

Ahh pets.. Reminds me of Scott's dear Simon the dog. A year in an apartment with him was completely miserable for me. I had days when I would get so irritated with Simon, that he would have to be tied up outside on our porch in the blazing sun all day. And I felt no remorse about it.