Sunday, December 28, 2008

Midnight is the Magic Hour

I get giddy when I receive all of the wonderful Christmas cards from our dear friends each year. This is the picture we included on our Christmas card this year (the best one of 12, which isn't saying much). My Christmas card order this year was a fiasco. Without going into all of the details, suffice it to say that we didn't order enough cards, they showed up a week late and arrived on Christmas Eve to my home, the picture was dark, and I thought it was going to be printed on photo paper but was printed on cardstock. Boo hoo. All my cards were late this year as a result. Some will not receive one at all. Boo hoo.

The true Spirit of Christmas was a beautiful thing in my heart this year. The secular aspect of Christmas bombed. I think when Mrs. Claus was doing her shopping this year that she shopped for the wrong kids. She shopped for the toys and games that she WANTS them to like and not for the things they actually DO like. They are as bored today as they were last week before Christmas.

Cameron wrapped up every little thing he could find this year and used a small fortune worth of tape to make sure every last edge was sealed. I think wrapping was his favorite part of Christmas. He even wrapped up some of Tyler's toys in a bath towel and taped it up. He was really cute. He can't comprehend that Christmas is over and I expect a major meltdown when I take down the lights and tree.

We decorated for the boys outside the house with Christmas lights, candy canes, and the infamous reindeer that I have always disliked. It is amazing what I will do for my kids. I never thought I would allow reindeer and candy canes on my lawn.

Yesterday I took the boys to SeaWorld. You could not pay me money to go back again. Instead of the wonderful memories that I should have come home with, I came home ready to give my kids up for adoption. I hate taking them out. I hate being a parent. That is where I am at right now. Enough said.

I can't wait until midnight when it will be a new day and I can say I haven't yelled at my kids all day! I know we are doing something horribly wrong because parenting just shouldn't be this hard.


licenedtotouch said...

I love you!!! I frequently want to give my kids to someone else too! Alas, we love them and end up keeping them in spite of that part of us that knows we'll go crazy with one more day of this. We should start a support group for moms who aren't just giddy with joy at having their identities stripped away by those adorable little parasites we call children. If I hear one more Pauliana call mother "just such a blessing" I think I may "just lose it."

katie said...

Right back at ya...hugs to you.
You are so loved!
I miss you.
So bummed you have to deal with pets. I feel the same as you. Mitch grew up with them, and I have managed to convince him that they are a mess we don't want to deal with. Safe for now, but who knows what will happen when the kids get older?
Crossing my fingers I can see you sometime soon.

camille said...

oh, I love to hear that from someone besides myself and my husband. I was a really good mom when I had just one I have three and #1 is getting a tired, impatient "yelly" mom now.

Julie said...

Try not to worry, you're not doing anything wrong. Parenting is just, honestly, so HARD. But you tough it out and get through it day by day, believe me, I hear you and understand though.
Your Christmas sounded beautiful and your photo is so amazing! Hang on to these treasures & moments in life because one day things will change.