Sunday, January 4, 2009

A rainbow during my storm...

Over the last 6 months my 4 year old, Cameron, has had a desire to share his testimony during fast and testimony meeting in church. Sheldon began taking him up for the first few months and he would help Cameron say a few simple things. Last month we sent him up alone. He stood at the microphone looking out at the congregation and, after a long pause, looked at me and said, "I need help". Sheldon scurried up and helped him.

Today I asked him if he wanted to say his testimony and his eyes lit up and he said yes. I told him he had to go up and do it alone this time and just say what was in his mind and heart. He said okay. He reverently walked up and sat down behind the podium and waited his turn. Here is my son's sweet testimony:

"I love my brother......(long pause), we talk about the scriptures.......(longer pause), we talk about the scriptures.......(uh oh, a repeat and long pause), Jesus died for us........In the the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

I am so pleased that he can share his simple testimony. He reverently walked back to the pew and rejoined me and Tyler. I felt both humble and proud to be Cameron's mother.

Then the brick wall of reality hit me full on and Cameron and Tyler went nuts for the next twenty minutes until the meeting was over. I would have hauled them out but I couldn't manage dragging my 40 and 50 pound boys screaming and laughing down the aisle on my own. I was ready to ring their necks by the end of the meeting.

I love my boys.


Linz said...

Awesome recount of his testimony! So proud of him. You are fabulous parents.

Blaylock Family said...

all i can say is.. i miss you guys!

Julie said...

I just love your boys too! His testimony was so sweet!

katie said...

I am so impressed!
Love that you shared his sweet testimony. It is evidence you are doing things well.